Thursday, January 8, 2009

Slow and Steady

This morning The Knight announced his 8-pound weight loss (since New Year’s Eve). Yesterday he nearly killed himself playing racquetball with Jen—and this after slaving to clear the driveway of snow! They also plan on playing again on Friday.

My dieting and exercising efforts look puny in comparison. My excuse is I have been battling with a bronchial affliction since before New Year’s. And I’m old. And my body keeps rolling its eyes and muttering “Here we go again—the Yo-yo Dieter is at it again! Time to shut down the metabolism!”

I also know that “slow and steady wins the race”—doing my reasonable best, one day at a time. Oh, I have zero expectation of being the “biggest loser.” I am just happy to have my children as comrades in arms in this Battle of the Bulge. I am in a contest against myself not against them.

I may come in last on April 5, but I won’t be throwing in the towel between now and then. My plan is to keep eating healthfully, and exercising to the best of my ability. Everyone who “finishes” (keeps on keeping on) is a winner in my book!


Jen said...

Go Mom!!!

uncheat: (really!) what you should do on a diet

Zaphod said...

That's my girl!

DebbieLou said...

Well said!

Chris said...

Man, I want to get "in" on this racquetball gig. I remember playing with Dave in St. George. He was good, in that he knew how to place the ball right making me run like a mad man. I got more of a workout than he did. He just seemed to take a step here and a step there. He must be a wiz at geometry.

I'm a Yo-Yo Dieter too. I go back and forth on it, and on the soda thing. It's tough to keep it up. It does make it easier when you are up in arms with others, though.

Davola said...

I don't think Michael Phelps would agree with slow and steady for winning races. Plus he eats 12,000 calories per day. Rock and roll!!