Thursday, February 5, 2009

Congress Saves the Day!!!

Okay ....
According to today's newspapers, Congress averted a "failure"! Millions of people were going to be "left in the dark"!

"A delay was needed to prevent the transition from becoming a failure." ~ Rick Boucher (D-Va.)

"The prospect of leaving millions of consumers in the dark was simply unacceptable."~ Edward Markey (D-Mass.)

What planet are those guys from?
The transition is going to happen.
No matter when it happens (whether on Feb 17 or June 12), the transition won't "fail."
What already failed was those millions of people who applied for and got the coupons for their converter boxes and then failed to use the coupons.
Maybe they decided that they'd just get a digital TV instead.
Or maybe they realized that TV isn't worth watching anyway so why get a converter box to clutter up the top of the TV and add more wires to the tangled up mess behind the TV?
As far as being "left in the dark," that's where TV programming leaves viewers now!
What the "vast wasteland" does best is put viewers into a stupor of thought.
And why is the government mixed up in all this, anyway??
Just wondering . . . . . . .


Trillium said...

The numbers ... (according to USA Today):

6.5 million US households (rural and poverty) currently rely on analog TV signals.

By end of 2008, Congress had already spent $1,340,000,000 (1.34 BILLION DOLLARS), on the transition.

The current "stimulus" bill, includes another 650 MILLION DOLLARS for more coupons.

In other words, nearly TWO BILLION DOLLARS of our taxes are being used by Congress so that guys like the guy in the cartoon can continue to "watch" analog TV.

It boggles my mind.

Katscratchme said...

We need a separation of media and state... they can't keep their fingers out of anything, really. No one really stops to think about it these days, but the 60's protesters would be outraged.
"Give Digital a Chance"
"Make Digital, not Analog"
"Heck no, we won't go... back to analog"

Jen said...

Ugggh! Who elected these idiots anyway? I want my taxes back . . . what a waste of money. . . MY money. Grrrrr...

aciflog = what they should do to stupid congressional leaders. (was that redundant? stupid and congressional leaders?)

Rebecca said...

that's is outrageous! Here in California they have spent $ other places too and now they are sending IOU's to people who should be getting state tax refunds!!!!!! :(