Friday, February 19, 2010

Critical Mess ... er ... Mass

This is a picture of Al Gore in his home office. (WHOA! WHAT A MESS!)

And, YES: My “office” is in a similar condition. I make stacks of stuff I am currently working on. Or that I intend to work on but not today. I am able to make stacks 100 times faster than I can eliminate stacks. With so many stacks, I periodically have to go through the stacks to remind myself what’s in them. Nothing much happens with a stack or the number of stacks until one or the other reaches “critical mass.”

At “critical mass,” I explode.

WARNING! WARNING! “Critical mass” is imminent! 
("critical mass" definition: 1. the minimum amount of fissile material that can sustain a nuclear chain reaction under a given set of conditions 2. the minimum amount or number required for something to happen, begin, etc.)


Rebecca said...

Al's office is awful!

Reminds me of our garage. When I reach critical mass I methodically look at every item and relocate it or destroy it.

When Victor reaches critical mass everythings goes in the trash.

Katscratchme said...

When I reach critical mass, I go to bed, hoping that when I wake up, it will all have magically finished itself.
If that doesn't work, I tuck it all in a corner in my closet until I can't stand to think of it being in there anymore and I pull it all out to work on it again.
Then the cycle starts anew.

Anonymous said...

Every six months I throw away a ton of stuff. If I haven't thought about it/done anything with it, then I surely must not care, and thus it goes all the way of the earth.