Monday, April 19, 2010

Stunning Photo

Today's Astronomy Picture of the Day is stunning. I hope you will click on the picture to the right to see it in larger format. If you don't look at it today (April 19) by tomorrow, you will have to go to the "archives" to see it. Simply click on the current picture, it will take you to the APOD website, toward the bottom of the page are the links, click on "archives" and then the April 19th posting. For additional photos (16 in all) of the volcano erupting, click on "Pictured above" in the Explanation.

First off, this is not a "large" volcano. Impressive though, isn't it? I thought it fascinating that the ice of the glacier above the volcano causes the lava flow to cool into glass shards. The global warming folks are now saying that global warming is the cause of the recent earthquakes and volcanic activity. If that is true, then Mother Nature is self-correcting because an ash plume across the globe can also cause global cooling! A mini ice age was caused after the volcanic eruption of Mount Krakatoa.

Earthquakes in diverse places. . . . . sounds like Last Days to me!



Katscratchme said...

Amazing, yet chilling (ha, ha), picture!

shydandelion said...

Wow, that was beautiful! I wouldn't like to be near it, though...