Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Do you remember Gene Wilder in “Young Frankenstein”— he was the mad scientist who shouted, “It’s alive!!!” when his cobbled together “monster” rose up and walked?

Gene Wilder’s crazy facial expression came to my mind as I read a recent headline which announced that a group of scientists had “created life.” […Well, … sort of … in a manner of speaking … (just don’t look too closely at the experiment!) … at least they didn’t kill it ....]

Actually, the truth is they merely tinkered with the DNA of a simple bacterium. They took out a chunk of DNA and then substituted some “synthesized” DNA. The synthesized DNA was made of "biological components" which the cell recognized as equivalent to its original DNA, so the bacterium continued to self-replicate.

Other scientists have pointed out that, while this experiment is interesting, it doesn’t even come close to “creating life.” Scientists haven’t a clue about how to make a living cell.

Just thought you’d like to know.
“Part A and Part B”
The Federal Government thinks I’m going to turn 65 this year so they sent me a Medicare Card showing my coverage, “Part A and Part B.”
They also sent a tiny booklet to explain what I should understand by “Part A and Part B,” and at the same time they warned me that a much larger and more confusing book with endless “small print” will arrive before my fateful 65th. Nice.
They also sent me a notice telling me that my future Medicare coverage has been cut. Drastically. And if I want to know what that means exactly, I should mail them a postcard requesting the list of cuts.
Once again it appears that needing a doctor, either now or in the future, is not in my own best interests….

LOST Again
In today’s Deseret News, columnist Scott Pierce (TV critic), shared his reaction to the last LOST episode. His headline read: Last ‘LOST’ turned out to be lazy writing. He went on to say:

The producers of "Lost" kept telling us that their main goal was to make viewers feel like they hadn't wasted the time they invested watching the show over the past six years.
There are some viewers who feel like their investment paid off. And others who, to one degree or another, feel ripped off. Count yours truly among the latter group….

Don't get me wrong. The end itself — in which we saw all of the main characters happily dead and headed toward something great (heaven?) — was fine, in a weepy sort of way.
But when the good feelings started to wear off, we were faced with the reality that we had been snookered….

Within the "Lost" universe, there was no attempt to make any of it make sense. A lot of it came down to — well, … magic.

That's simply not good storytelling.

And the feel-good moments at the end don't make up for six seasons of stringing viewers along without ever providing any real answers or any real closure.
At best, it was an attempt to give viewers a nice ending despite the fact that there was never any real plan.

At worst, it was a cynical attempt to hide that lack of a plan — and camouflage all the bad writing — with a warm and fuzzy glow.

I know some of you loved it. And I, too, enjoyed watching the warm and fuzzy ending. But I am still glad I didn’t waste six seasons of my time on it (as I said in my last posting).


Rebecca said...

thanks for the entertainment!

Trillium said...

Since our bodies have back-up systems and redundant aspects whereby one system can handle the job that two normally do (think kidneys), it could be that the bacterium had redundant or back-up DNA. Previously, scientists who couldn't figure out what some DNA did in our bodies, decided that it must be "junk DNA." (Just another example of junk science.)

Jen said...

I still liked LOST. It wasn't all about the storyline for me. Yes, some things were not logical or reality based. "Magical" if you will. But TV for me is an escape. I've got plenty of reality at home and work to deal with. A little escape for me is good. Storyline aside, I cared about the characters and what happened to them. Still like it and will probably buy the whole set when it comes out in August.

shydandelion said...

Hee hee! I love listening to your blisteringly intelligent criticism!
And, it kind of makes me sad when I hear "junk" DNA. I mean, God made it, so it can't be junk...