Monday, January 24, 2011

Speaking of OLD

So the Knight and I went to a flick Saturday night. ...At the Dollar Theater.

I'd heard about the movie when it first came out last fall, and decided then that I might like to see it ...when it eventually came to the Dollar Theater. I am a Bruce Willis fan.

"RED" (retired and extremely dangerous) was billed as an "Action-Comedy." As I watched it, I agreed that it was full of action and comedy. And something more.

I discerned during the first fifteen minutes that it was also a Fantasy.

I figured that out when a small army of gun-toting guys in body armor snuck up on Bruce Willis at 3 a.m. as he slept in his all-American house in his all-American neighborhood. When they opened-up their machine-gun fire on the house, I noticed right away that we had just entered Fantasyland because not one of Bruce's all-American neighbors woke up at the cacophony of World War Three out in the street and phoned 911. As a matter of fact, the guns blasted away long enough, putting a zillion holes in the house, that when Bruce sauntered out the front door, the house collapsed.

It was similar to "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" which was also a Fantasy. I remember seeing it in the theater when it first came out and that the Knight and I were almost the only ones in the theater who were laughing.

Then there was the scene in which Bruce Willis demolishes the entire office of "Mr. Cute Hair" ("Bones" to you Trekies) as he beats up Mr. Cute Hair, and no one in the adjoining offices hears a thing. Fantasy.

Or how about when the old KGB guy scoops up the love of his life (Helen Mirren) and carries her to safety in his arms. Fantasy. I'm afraid that I couldn't help but notice how odd it looked from the back. The camera angle didn't let you see the wheeled prop under her, but realistically the old guy couldn't have done it--even if Helen Mirren had weighed only 50 pounds.

So, I thought "RED" was a funny flick.

The Knight liked the explosions and the action (are you surprised?). The movie was definitely "entertainment."

What I liked best about "RED" was the "message" about old people. It said that old people can do whatever they want to do. Like outsmart the CIA. Like rip-up their pension checks for love. Like beat up people half their age. Like .... oh, yeah ....  more examples of Fantasy.

Ferris: You're still here? It's over. Go home. Go.



shydandelion said...

"When Cameron was in Egypt's land...let my Cameron go..."

Ha ha ha! I love both movies. I get the love of fantasy from Dad, I guess. :)

Rebecca said...

We haven't seen that movie yet. I had no idea you were a Bruce Willis fan. I am too!!

I actually met him at Hurricane Harbor. He was there with his daughter. I love his smile.

Also ran into him while Sword Fish was being filmed in Ventura. He is friends with John Travolta and was there to just say "hi".

by the way, John Travolta is pretty nice too. He stopped the filming of the movie to say hi to a group of elementary kids who were visiting the mission in down town Ventura.