Monday, March 7, 2011


I was debating about which blog I should write: One about daylight saving time? Or one about Spring?
Daylight saving time begins next Sunday, while Spring begins the following Sunday.
Thinking about DST always makes me feel a bit depressed because we essentially will be retreating back to the darkness of early mornings typical of January.  We will not regain early light again for another month.

In contrast, thinking about Spring makes me feel excited and optimistic because soon there will be daffodils, and Gordon’s crocuses blooming across the street. And robins returning in big flocks. And buds on the trees. And violets between the cobblestones in the backyard. And warm southern breezes. And apricot trees in bloom. And birdsong at dawn.

It’s too bad that DST’s “spring forward” so often carries negative connotations for me, as it seems to be an oxymoron for a big step backward. But, now, I am going to try really hard to think of DST as just another wonderful harbinger of Spring.
Spring Forward!!!


shydandelion said...

We had little robins bouncing all over the trees in our backyard yesterday. It was driving our cat bonkers! :D

I like daylight saving time. Makes me feel like there is hope left in the world.

Katscratchme said...

I love spring! I love it more now that I'm not in ABQ. There are four seasons in NM: Summer, Fall, Winter and WIND.... I shall not miss that at all.
Thinking of spring makes me feel happy!
Good blog!

Rebecca said...

This is the time of year that the Canadian Geese stop and rest for a while. I drive a golf course every day and I see them hanging out with the golfers. They are beautiful birds and I enjoy them while they are here.