Monday, November 3, 2008


Well, Jen and Dara and I just had a confab about Thanksgiving—dividing up the menu and various activities. The noun “confab” is a colloquial word that means chat. The dictionary’s first definition of the verb, “confabulate” means talk together in an informal way—which we did. The second definition of confabulate is more interesting and perhaps even insightful: “to fill in GAPS in the memory with detailed accounts of FICTITIOUS events believed to be true by the narrator.”

So, this morning, Jen, Dara, and I had a confabulation about Thanksgiving future (this month) while remembering Thanksgivings past. Enter from stage left, confabulation2—filling in the gaps in my memory with accounts of fictitious events, believed to be true about past Thanksgivings . . . . “No one likes jello. … No one will eat any cooked vegetables. … Nobody wants leftover turkey . . . . Didn’t we have a scavenger hunt last year? . . . We USUALLY need a GALLON of cranberry sauce . . . .” (sigh)

When we were done with the confab, Jen had a confabulatory document which she plans to duplicate and email to everyone with their respective assignments. If your assignment won’t work, you might be able to trade assignments with someone else. We trust that everyone will be a good sport about their respective assignments, because our Confab, which I thought could be completed in 15-20 minutes, took TWO HOURS…. I think…. . . . I DO have gaps in my memory . . . . It MIGHT have been 3 or 4 hours . . . .

But, in any case, it sounds yummy and a lot of fun. We have the Church from noon until 5 pm. We plan on eating around 1 p.m. Games and Crafts for the kids.

Postscript: I really appreciate Dara and Jen hammering out the details and shouldering so much to make sure things go smoothly. See you there!!!


DebbieLou said...

Awe, too bad we can't make it. It sure would be nice to see everyone again. Have fun! :(

Davola said...

I guess being bishop has its priveleges.

Trillium said...

Privileges? you mean using the Church? No, I just had to be first in line to schedule the building! Which I did back in September! Last year I tried to schedule the building for Thanksgiving but was too late (by sometime in October).

Rebecca said...

I remember Thanksgivings past... like the one where I sat on the kitchen floor with Allisa who was screaming because her teeth were coming in and her gums were bleeding.

Very sad Thanksgiving for mom and baby.