Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Can't Believe My Eyes (or Ears)

Are you bewildered and bemused by the ongoing Prop 8 battle? Are you wishing this problem would just go away? Are you shell-shocked by the ugly scenes on TV and the amazing spin by news reporters telling you that what you just saw didn’t really happen the way you saw it?

News anchor: "Quite honestly, a lot of anger and a lot hate on both sides!"

Are you appalled that threats and intimidation being poured upon Yes on 8 supporters is acceptable in today’s America? Are you frightened to speak up for fear that you will be their next target? Are you hoping that the No on 8 supporters will get tired of protesting and go home? Do you really think that since “the voters have spoken” that eventually the gay marriage proponents will accept it with grace?

I have news for you. They have the collective weight of the California Supreme Court (majority), the Governor of California, the Democrats of the California Assembly, the Mayor of San Francisco, most Hollywood celebrities, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, the major news networks, and legal precedents in Massachusetts and Connecticut behind them. And Americans today are easily cowed. The NAACP, in an act of repentance for the 70% of black voters who voted Yes on 8, is joining the No on 8 gang in appealing to the courts to nullify the amendment. I am sure that some who previously voted Yes on 8 would gladly change their votes today just to restore the peace.


DebbieLou said...

The hate looked one sided to me in that clip as well! There are other things going on too of the same strain. For example, there is Melissa Ethridge, a famous and openly Lesbian singer, who has stated that she will no longer pay her taxes until Gays and Lesbians get what they want. If the government caves to such illegal actions and threats, our democratic system will be in grave danger. Since when do people threaten others with illegal actions when they don't get their way on the ballot in the USA? I wonder if she will even be prosecuted if she really does what she says? (I believe she will do it, as well as a number of others.) Reminds me of the Freeman verses the Kingmen in the the Book of Mormon. Hopefully it doesn't follow a similar path.

Davola said...

I'm not for gay marriage and I'm not against gay marriage. If they want it let em have it. Who cares? They are going to have sexual relations either way. There is no financial benefit to getting married. It is just a slip of paper. What is the big deal anyway?

Rebecca said...

We have a woman in our office whose daughter has openly protested Prop 8. My co-worker brings these debates and her strong opinions regarding prop 8 on a daily basis.

At some point I may have to ask her to stop bringing politics into the office. It has made several of us extremely uncomfortable.