Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Under the Radar

So, I was the one who jinxed June (with that one-and-only "what is so rare as a day in June" June blog--unfortunately, as it turned out what was "so rare" were my blogs!). After glorying in the spectacular June weather at the beginning of the month, what happened next? Clouds. Rain. Clouds. Rain. Clouds. Rain..... My fault. Obviously. I jinxed it.

Now, it is July 1st. And it started out with clouds and with a few drops of rain this morning. NOT my fault: I had said NOTHING about July one way or the other. Maybe if I keep a low profile, I will be able to sneak under the weather radar, and we can have more sunshine than clouds this month.

ON THE OTHER HAND . . . . The "climate change" guys--those same guys who used to be the "global warming" guys--actually predicted that some parts of the world would not get a normal summer this year. But, notice how carefully they refrained from calling it "global cooling." "Climate change" is the new terminology that covers every imaginable eventuality. So, no matter what happens they can say they predicted it. And that it is all man's fault.

In my opinion, their "science" is just as much foolishness as my "jinxes." Nevertheless, our political geniuses in Washington DC are going full speed ahead to "stop global warming."


Zaphod said...

Well, they got part of it right. We're all going to die. I personally am going to die of eating all of my Father's Day candy. I think it will cause global chocolafication. If Al can make up stuff, so can I.

Anonymous said...

I think global warming is caused by people letting the hot air in their heads escape through their mouths. So, I guess global cooling would be when they shut up! Ha ha ha!

Katscratchme said...

Maybe you "jinxed" June. Maybe Ben and I brought the New Mexico weather with us. That's why we've been getting these 90s temps!
One way or another, someone is going to say that the world is going to 'splode... so....

fuctie: um... yeah.

Rebecca said...

i'm not much of a dooms day supporter. the world is not going to explode - however, we do need to take care of what we have -

Adam and Eve weren't the only ones who were given that stewardship... :)