Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year's End, 2014

Derailed? Or A Train Wreck?

I suddenly vanished from the blogging world after my last two blogs in early March 2014.

It wasn’t that I had run out of things to blog about. I was still thinking because there was so much to think about. And, we were still in the midst of ever-changing “Sweet Is the Work” MTC adventures.

So, what derailed me?

I suspect it was too many significant things all happening at the same time. My life apparently got out of sync trying to respond to so many of yesterday’s events while today’s multitude of events simultaneously demanded a response. 

Or something. 

Every day. 

I can surmise this because of the existence of several partial, incomplete, unpublished blogs. Consider, for example, these unpublished titles:

              “The Illogical Power of Ridicule and Name-Calling”

              “Seeing a Seachange”

And then the veritable Double-Whammy Train-Wreck occurred: Total knee replacement surgery in August and deep vein thrombosis in September. A bit too Melodramatic? Perhaps. Nevertheless, “normal” life vanished for about 4 months.

The good news is that I am finally beginning to return to “normal.”  Looking back, I am struck with how I had no inkling as to what might transpire during the year. I am now surprised to note that where “two roads diverged” it could have gone either way.


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Shydandelion said...

There is an old saying (not that old, I guess): Life sucks then you die. But I think in my own case, life happens, and then you die. It seems like most of the people I follow on blogs have been disappearing. My own blog is getting all cob-webby and dusty. Life happens...then you forget to blog. And do laundry. :D