Monday, February 2, 2015

Celebrating the Shortest Month of the Year

When I was growing up in Minnesota, January for me was the “longest month of the year.” It was also the coldest, darkest, and dreariest month of the year. It was just nasty and odious! In contrast, I was always fond of February because it was a mercifully short winter month. But March was about as cold and dreary as January, although it wasn’t as dark—which made March the second longest month of the year. I lived in Minnesota enduring 13 long winters beginning when I was in third grade. I left when I was 21.

Fast-forward to today. I really have had no reason to complain about the weather during January 2015 in Utah Valley.  The proverbial “longest and darkest” month of the year was gone in a flash!  And on many days, it was almost spring-like. Utah Valley winters over all are much milder than Minnesota winters anyway. But this January was even milder than normal.

On the radio this morning, the Ground Hog Day report was that there would be 6 more weeks of winter because “Phil” saw his shadow in Pennsylvania. Of course, Phil has always been full of baloney—with only a 39% accuracy rate. Anybody could guess that well. I don’t think Phil’s cousin “Youvie” in Utah Valley saw his shadow today, so supposedly we will have an early spring.

As I was slowly becoming conscious this morning, I was remembering the 1993 movie “Ground Hog Day” starring Bill Murray. I’ve not watched it for several years. But, I have probably viewed it at least half a dozen times since its release, so I could reconstruct much of the movie in my mind. The moral of the movie was you can live a selfish self-centered wretched existence, complaining about the weather and life in general and making everyone miserable around you, or you can adopt an optimistic outlook, make the best of your situation, try to do good and make others happy.  There is a true principle. Happy Ground Hog Day!


Anonymous said...

We have a Utah equivalent of Punxsutawney Phil? Gosh. I've lived here over 10 years and never knew that. Huh. It's actually been really nice here, like you said...not as nice California's been this last week, but it's been okay. :D

Trillium said...

I made him up.