Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day and Happy Birthday

I guess it's "Earth Day."
More importantly, it's Audrey's birthday! Happy second birthday, Audrey!

As for Earth Day, Charles Osgood (a great guy) noticed yesterday that the sun is "dimming." Go to the following website and listen to his gentle (and brief) take on global warming.


Anonymous said...

I was sitting in the sun today, and it seemed alright to me. A little too bright, maybe...and way too hot!

Zaphod said...

Well, I reported on this before Charlie did, last week some time. It all has to do with our star, the Sun, which is a hemochromatosis star, socking away 30% more iron than any other star in our galaxy. What is the upshot of all this? That it is all about ME! I am the guy to blame. Lay it on world! I'm in the mood for a good fight! I got heat stroke working out in the garden this afternoon in the dimming sunlight!

Katscratchme said...

Ah, my baby who is not so much a baby anymore. She got her 2 year appointment today.. I guess I'll have to write up a brief blog.

reste: ye olde tymee nap.

Rebecca said...

we have had a heat wave since Sunday. Yesterday it was sunny and beautiful and then after lunch it turned dark - who turned the lights out?

We are now experiencing gloomy; foggy days. It was very wet when I left the house this morning for work.