Thursday, April 30, 2009

H1N1= Unnecessary Panic Attacks

This Porcine cutie seems to be mocking someone. Could it be us? --that is--US? (as in John Q. Public?) The WHO people have decided that "Swine Flu" is a misnomer that needs to be cleared up, since the Porcines aren't -- are NOT --implicated in this virus. H1N1 is now the correct name for the virus.

The media seem intent on creating hysteria. When the facts are: we AREN'T all going to die!!!
And as a matter of fact, this virus seems to be rather wimpy.
Making light of this so-called "Pandemic" seems entirely appropriate.
Here are some humorous views for your enjoyment:

There really ARE some very real issues that might demand more of our concern than the "swine flu"/ H1N1.
Don't you feel like you are being PLAYED by some kind of sleight of hand?


Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY AGREE!!! You should check out KSL's articles and the commentary on it. It made me laugh all yesterday afternoon! Here's a sample of my favorite:
"I have had hugh cravings for bacon and I have the swine flu??"
"Who is 'Hugh' and why are you craving his bacon?"

Rebecca said...

the panic seems to have spread to our oceanic area...

There are two confirmed cases in Port Hueneme and they have closed two schools.

The news media made such a huge deal over this. I just rolled my eyes.