Friday, May 1, 2009

World's Bravest, Smartest, Funniest . . . .

Hooray! Our income tax refund came in the mail today! This was the first refund we've gotten in several years. Recently, we've been having to write a big nasty check to the IRS every April 15th.
AND ... this year was the first time in several years that The Knight got it right. He figured out the taxes without making some kind of error . . . .
So, three cheers for The Knight! So smart. So brave. So talented.
He juggles words and ideas (which are more dangerous than chain saws).
He wrestles with the alligators of approaching old age (growing old isn't for wimps).
He walks the tightrope of decorum v. humor (I predict he will probably die laughing).
AND he conquered the tax code and sent in our tax returns BEFORE April 15th!!
Three cheers for Pooh!
For who?
For Pooh!
Why what did he do?
I thought you knew...
He saved his friend from a wetting.
Three cheers for bear!
For where?
For bear! . . . . .


Anonymous said...

I admire the ability to do taxes...but I won't forget the year that dad helped me with mine, and even though I only made $10.43, I ended up owing. :| Anyway, better late then never with mad tax skills!

Zaphod said...

Ahhhh! Shucks!!! Twern't nothin'!!!! (But I am glad you noticed XOXOXOXOX)

Katscratchme said...

Ben did our taxes a while ago. He made an error, but the IRS found it and gave us MORE MONEY!!! YAY!!!