Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dolly's ... WHAT?

This morning The Knight asked me which biography I was working on. So, referring to my grandparents, I said, “Dolly and Fernow.” As I heard myself say it, it almost sounded like “Dolly’s Inferno” or “Dante’s Inferno”! The Knight heard the same thing, and laughed. The reference, of course, was to Dante’s “Inferno”—part of Dante’s epic poem, “The Divine Comedy.” The word “inferno” is Italian for Hell.

Now I shall never be able to say "Dolly and Fernow" without thinking of my poor grandmother being married to . . . Hell!

Why was my poor grandfather given such a sad name?

(I think Fernow actually was a place in Sweden--perhaps it was the place where his father was born.....)



Rebecca said...

that made me laugh! brings new meaning to "the spawn of..."

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! I always think it's funny he was a fireman...ha ha ha!

Chris said...

Hardy har har har!!