Saturday, July 31, 2010


I hate to be boring and predictable… But didn’t July just zoom by super fast? I know, I know: I was babbling about June going by too fast a few blogs ago. So, I suppose August will vanish super fast too.

Is there is a scripture about time speeding up? Isn’t there?

I don’t think that the phrase “Days will be shortened” (see Matthew 24 and Mark 13) refers to time speeding up. I think it refers to having fewer total days.

August just might end up dragging by. Waiting for school to start. Waiting for the hot weather to end. Waiting for the next birthday party (a zillion birthdays in August—and September—and October …)… or, maybe, waiting for the birthday parties to be OVER. (HaHa)

Einstein thought that time could be slowed down (or stopped?) by going as fast as the speed of light. Hmmm. OK.

So, to speed time up, does that entail going at the speed of darkness??



Anonymous said...

That's a scary thought. Because the "speed of darkness" could mean any number of things, and I am more inclined to think that the darkness isn't just a friendly summer night... :P

Chris said...

I don't know. For me, July kind of was a long month. Mainly because I was counting the days for not drinking soda; and, starting the Couch to 5k program, and how slow going it is to get up and running. So, for me, July was a loooooong month. I suspect August will be too. LOL.