Monday, October 4, 2010

Implications from Conference

Saturday morning when President Monson announced 5 new temples to be built, my first reaction was “Whoa!!!— That must mean that the Church has not been hit too hard by the recession!” I had been wondering lately about reduced tithing funds because of people out of work—surely, I thought, the Church will have to cut back on building projects. Obviously, I was greatly mistaken.

I also thought that the locations of the new temples were interesting. Indianapolis was fun to hear of. I’m sure that people we know in West Lafayette were cheering: no more need to plan trips to the Chicago Temple! When we lived there, we had to travel to the Washington DC Temple—a 13-hour trip. Tijuana was interesting to me because the San Diego Temple is so close to Tijuana. Now there will be no more need to cross the border which is a huge hassle. The new one in the Philippines will be their third temple—that is amazing! The one in Portugal means no more need to travel to Madrid. The one in Hartford Connecticut means no more need to travel to Boston. I can’t help but contemplate the causes of future limited travel abilities. I also recognize that the Saints in each of those locations have to be sufficiently numerous and faithful to merit a temple. Wow! “The Caravan moves on!”

Speaking of temples . . . and temple work, I have lots of names ready and need lots of proxies—let me know if you can do some. Thanks! :D


shydandelion said...

Do you have initiatories?? :D

P.S. I gave a little yip of joy when I heard about the Indianapolis temple. I don't remember living there, but I'm still a hoosier. :P

Rebecca said...

I tried calling you :)

I was really excited about both the Indianapolis and the Tiajuana temples. I shared with Victor that while we lived in Indiana you and dad had to make a special trip and arrangements to attend the temple in Washington DC due to the distance.

I thought about all the members in West Lafayette too!