Saturday, September 6, 2008

As Frumpy As Possible

In this morning’s newspaper, one article dissected the clothes that Cindy McCain wore at the recent Republican Convention. Her $300,000 Oscar de la Renta outfit (including the diamond earrings, the 4-strand pearl necklace, the white Chanel watch, and the strappy shoes) has been the focus of all kinds of news articles and internet chatter. Some have complimented her on how spectacular she looked, while others have condemned her for her extravagance. In the same article, notice was also taken of Laura Bush’s $4000 Oscar de la Renta outfit. My reaction to their pricey choices in wardrobe was: whatever.

This same article ended with the following remarks about Sarah Palin’s wardrobe choices:

“Sarah Palin is more focused on what will get her to Washington, not on the Best Dressed List. As Palin has said to Vogue magazine: ‘A reporter once asked me about it (her appearance) during the campaign, and I assured him I was trying to be as frumpy as I could.’”
That made me laugh. She just as well could have said to the reporter, “Why are you asking me such a frivolous question? I am more than my wardrobe. I have more important matters to be concerned with—why aren’t you concerned about them as well?” But with that funny quip, she said all that without saying it, and without being offensive. Kudos to Sarah! I commend her for staying focused on what’s important, and not getting defensive or offensive. A trivial question deserves a humorous answer. And she is obviously "comfortable in her own skin" as well as being unconcerned about making fashion headlines.

As far as “frumpy” goes, however, I didn’t think she looked at all frumpy, which means unattractive. While her clothes didn’t call attention to themselves, they also didn’t distract or detract from her overall presence. She looked fine to me. If that is “frumpy,” I’d like to see more of it. Her kind of “frumpiness” might just catch on as a new style in this country among forty-somethings. It would be a nice change from today’s styles that really look frumpy to me: clothes that are too tight showing every bulge, and hip fat sticking out between the bottom hem of a shirt and the top of a waist band. Ugly! On the other hand, I admit that I have always missed the fashion boat because I am missing the fashion gene in my DNA. I am genetically frumpy. LOL


Katscratchme said...

I agree! Sarah looks fantastic in that picture you've put up. I'd love to look that good!

Maybe it was just the picture of Mrs. McCain.. but I didn't think that outfit looked all that good.. the cost of the outfit doesn't make it attractive.. usually quite the opposite.

Chris said...

Her shirt is tooooooo big for her jumper. She is such a lumpy frumpy mumpy!!!

Zaphod said...

Fortunately for me, I have the mutated gene "UR2KIUT" which compels me to be attracted to "frumpy women from Sandstone, Minnesota, who have seven children and 23 grandchildren and who occasionally laugh at really dumb jokes". What a life I lead!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe! I wish I was frumpy like her...sigh..I am afraid I am one of the many who wears tight jeans that make my belly turn into a mushroom over my squeezed hips. But, on the other hand, I don't think it would be practical for me to go around in a suit all day. :D

Rebecca said...

I agree with mom. There are too many women who try to look like their teenage daughters by wearing their clothes; instead of wearing the clothes that would be better suited for their personal body type.

I love soft cotton yoga pants and cotton tops. I am comfortable in them and I don't gross anyone out... :)

Pallin is a beautiful woman and I am glad she is able to stay focused on the issues; especially with all the media attacks against her and her family.

Chris said...

Well, it is better for a woman to try to wear their daughters close than to wear old velvet pants with a hole in the crotch. Wait, did I say that outloud?

"wzdvqlca" - what you say (under your breath) when you see your sister-in-law walk by with velvet pants with a hole in their crotch.

DebbieLou said...

If Sarah dressed "frumpy" that night, then my daily household attire would be concidered what? Blickity, blobpity, bloo whoo whoooooooo! Oh well, sign me up for frumpy then. I could live with that much better than spending the price of a home for 1 day's apparel. Cindy looked good though, and she makes enough money, so I can't knock her too much for that.