Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let the Mud-Slinging Begin!

Whew! Well, we dodged the Mitt Romney for VP bullet—and I am so grateful! I think we can only vaguely imagine how nasty things would have gotten (for Mitt and for Mormons in general) if Mitt had been McCain’s pick.

Instead we are treated to the spectacle of the rabid news media hot on the trail of potential dirt on Sarah Palin and her family. I felt sorry for the plight of the 17-year-old pregnant daughter suddenly under the glaring national spotlight. The media expected shocked Republicans to reject Palin because of her daughter. They can’t figure out why it hasn’t happened. The media have made a bigger issue out of this poor girl than they ever did over John Edwards and his mistress last month! Seems like a double standard: Democrats in office, or running for office, get a pass from the media when they mess up. But Republicans and their families and associates have to be squeaky clean. Actually Mitt Romney WAS squeaky clean and the media hated him for it.

The other piece of dirt the media managed to muck up was a drunk driving incident involving Sarah Palin’s husband—decades ago—before they were married. That’s it? That’s all they got?

Just how low can the media muckers go? Apparently there are no limits! I had to laugh at the dirt-diggers trying to make something of the fact that Sarah Palin attended 5 different colleges in 6 years. Innuendos abound, of course. They like to point out that Obama graduated from Harvard Law School, while Palin graduated from the University of Idaho (after attending four other colleges). The reporters managed to track down one of Palin’s professors, but he did not remember her. [Duhn, duhn, duhnnnn…] Good Grief—that was more than 20 years ago! Brother Hyde doesn’t remember very many of his students from 20 years ago either, but that doesn’t signify something nefarious about the less memorable ones.

This morning I heard Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, and one other talking head (Evening News Anchor—can’t remember his name [Brian Williams?]) trying to depict Republicans as stupid. How’s THAT for “unbiased” coverage? That’s what they did to Ronald Reagan. They referred to him as “an amiable dunce.” They smeared Dan Quayle [photo at left] as a bumpkin who couldn’t spell potato. Their liberal worldview boils down to: Anyone who disagrees with a liberal is just plain stupid. People who are intimidated by such mockery will quickly align themselves with liberalism and join in the mockery. So, that is what we can expect from the media for the next two months. Lovely. Let the mud-slinging begin!


Katscratchme said...

Hoorah for Mom! Excellent observations. I hate media slants.. booooo!

With what little news I watch these days, the only anchor I really liked when it came to politics was Tim Russert. From everything I personally saw, he was unbiased and asked hard questions of EVERYONE who came on his show. I think I remember seeing a program on him after he died and they said something to the effect of: Tim's personal political views were personal and few people actually knew what they were. Good for him!

I would like to have faith in the media someday... unfortunately, it's not today.

Zaphod said...

So long as we remember that the folks at the news are in this for power, fame, and money, the bias makes sense. There is no need for truth, no need for facts, no need for objectivity; there is only a need for power, fame, and money. The news media is fatally addicted to those three and will do or say anything to get their "fix" on a regular basis. What is really disturbing to me is that there are people who will believe anything in print, and almost anything said by a "talking head".

Anonymous said...

IT'S TRUE! LIBERALS DO THINK ANYONE WHO DOESN'T AGREE WITH THEM ARE STUPID! I KNOW A WHOOOLE LOT OF THEM! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I wish those people could step outside themselves and see just how retarded they are being.

Chris said...

Duh duh DEE duh.