Monday, September 1, 2008

Jibblies, Nibblies, Ghosties & Revelations

A few thoughts to expand a bit on my previous blog . . . .

On Jibblies: Emily already inserted a disclaimer about inventing the word “jibblies.” So, we can say, rather, that she introduced the word to us. But nevertheless, her use of such a word (which is not found in a standard dictionary) is reflective of her eclectic style. One of the things that I have found delightful about looking at everyone’s blogs is how unique they are. Reading them is often like having a brief, refreshing visit. Sometimes the effort to find and develop one’s own unique “voice” in writing is a very delicate endeavor. On the other hand, we really cannot hide ourselves; every blog reveals a little of who we really are. “Speak that I may see thee” is a true principle about the power of the written word.

On Nibblies: When we offer comments on others’ blogs we let the writer of the blog know how successful he was in reaching his audience. Our comments potentially also give each other little nibbles (“nibblies”) of ourselves (our hearts and minds) or our experiences. Mmmmm: Exotic nibblies!

On "Ghosties": I keep hoping that Melissa, David and Jennifer will find time to create a blog with some photos or a few thoughts. Meanwhile, I hope that they are at least “ghosties” who are, unbeknownst to us, enjoying visiting our blogs. Then, perhaps, eventually, occasionally maybe adding some nibblies in the comments here and there. (Hey, Jen, I saw you!)

Robert Frost’s poem, "Revelation," has long been a favorite of mine. Recently I thought how well it described blogging:

We make ourselves a place apart
Behind light words that tease and flout,
But oh, the agitated heart
Till someone find us really out.
'Tis pity if the case require
(Or so we say) that in the end
We speak the literal to inspire
The understanding of a friend.
But so with all, from babes that play
At hide-and-seek to God afar,
So all who hide too well away
Must speak and tell us where they are.

Hide-and-seek. "Ready or not here I come!"
Hmmmm. Where is everybody?


Zaphod said...

I'm right behind the geranium, about 2100 miles to the west.

Katscratchme said...

I've seen Jen poking around here too. I know she's been reading and she's made 1 comment that I've seen so far... We'll get them all converted eventually! Heehee!

Anonymous said...

I dunno...she is pretty resistant to making one...we'll have to sneak up on her.

Trillium said...

2100 miles to the West? That would be somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And with all that heavy armor on, you would be at the bottom of the ocean too! (*glub*....) :D

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of you, mom..It makes me want to squeeze those baby legs!

Chris said...

Well, I hope that you can see who I really am. There are times when I write things that could have been written better. A few times I have rewrote what I wrote, but then it starts to feel like school. So, I usually just let it be, which could in turn change the way that you see me. Alas, what is one to do in such a situation? It isn't like asking yourself what would a grand master do when playing chess against someone.

I do like leaving comments. It, indeed, is like having a conversation, albeit a little delayed. A round-robin approach. Although, not even robin is in the round. I hope the missing three robins join us in the roost.

Chris said...

I meant that "not every robin" is in the round, and not "not even robin". That doesn't make sense. So, in cases where things might not make sense, I try to fix. Although, I am against deleting the whole post, like mean-o-dara. I couldn't figure out how to edit a previous post, though, so I had to add another. I do see a little trash can under my post, but then I would be erasing a part of history. Think about that, Dara!! Erasing history!! Sheesh!!

j/k, dara, you are my cool beep-beep friend.

Chris said...

The cool thing about leaving posts and comments is that sometimes you can really be yourself, without the fear of getting all choked up, and getting embarrassed. You can still get choked up (sometimes I actually do), but no one will notice in the blog setting, cause no one can see you.

Trillium said...

Chris, you make me smile. You make me chuckle. You make me want to give you a hug.