Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Down, Ninety-nine Adventures to Go

Tonight we went on the first of our 100 adventures: “Wedlocked,” a “musical comedy” by Marvin Payne and Steven Kapp Perry. If you will recall, I predicted that this production would probably be “unapologetically schlocky” and that I would no doubt leave the theater at the end rolling my eyes and shaking my head.

Well, prior to going to the performance this evening, I went back to look at my blog on the 100 Adventures, and discovered that one additional comment was posted two days ago. Someone named “poppamonkey” said:

“Wedlocked” isn’t all that schlocky. I’ve heard really good things about it, and I liked it as well. ~D.L. Walker (the bald guy)”

Who is D.L.Walker? I wondered. By the way, poppamonkey’s picture was a spooky close-up of his left blue eye with a heart-shaped pupil. (*Jibblies!*)

When we got to the theater and were reading the program, we discovered who D.L. Walker is: HE’S THE MALE STAR OF “WEDLOCKED” ! (There are only two actors in the production, one male, one female.) So, remembering his comment on my blog, made me laugh: What a funny joke on me! After the performance was over, I introduced myself (as “Trillium”) and referred to my blog and his comment. He seemed to recall it. I assured him the play was not “schlocky” after all.

Now, THAT was a fun “adventure”! Getting a comment in my blog from the star of the show was certainly an unexpected “event”! And then having a cute exchange about it after the show— I will probably remember that long after I have forgotten the production. But, I don’t know—the story did have some rather compelling scenes that may stick with me . . . . (heheheheh . . .)


Trillium said...

After receiving comments from 2 strangers this week, I changed my settings so that I could not be "crawled" by Google. Giant Jibblies!!!! But, now "poppamonkey" can't read about himself in this blog. Should I change my settings back or what???

Katscratchme said...

That was cute!
What you can do, Mom, is set it up so that you have to approve the comments on your blog before they show up. That way, if you feel that the comment is non-scary, you can post it up and if some loser is making rude comments, you can delete it... :)
As for myself. I figure very few strangers will actually crawl my blog. I'm not nearly interesting enough. So, congradulations on being interesting!

Zaphod said...

I did my first google that actually found my blog. It was kind of exciting, but I knew exactly what I was looking for. The chances of anyone else combining "hemochronatosis" with "Odysseus" is really unlikely. The likelihood of anyone combining "Sarah" with "Palin", however, is, well, more likely.

yyzyy: changing from one setting to another. You can switch as much as you want

Anonymous said...

That was AWESOME mom! I think it is really neat that he checked out your blog! Hehehe! And I wouldn't worry about people checking out your blog. It's not like they are going to find you or anything. :D

"drqeulvv" The name of a character on "general hospital"

Jen said...

Check it out!

Snooky said...

You didn't know D.L. Walker till you fell over him.
How famous do I have to be before you keep my smiley comments?.........Sis...?

Trillium said...

To "Snooky": Your comment on my $aving $$$ blog had a whole page and a half of blank space--that was why I had to delete it. (Obviously, I am OCD about wasting space, too.) At the time I also wondered if "snooky" was aka bobble-bee. :D

So when will we get to see YOUR blog?

Chris said...

So far, the only people that have posted any comments on my site have been family, or extended family. I made sure that my site was protected from internet spiders. Although, if it does start to happen, I might just password protect it.

potvwunz - A strange looking car?

Chris said...

Also, it looks like you finally made your blog private. No more key words in your profile or in your individual posts.