Monday, September 29, 2008

A Passing Glimpse

I often see flowers from a passing car
That are gone before I can tell what they are.

I want to get out of the train and go back
To see what they were beside the track.

I name all the flowers I am sure they weren't:
Not fireweed loving where woods have burnt--

Not bluebells gracing a tunnel mouth--

Not lupine living on sand and drouth.

Was something brushed across my mind
That no one on earth will ever find?

Heaven gives its glimpses only to those
Not in position to look too close.
~Robert Frost


Trillium said...

The last two couplets of this poem have graced the sidebar of my blog for 6 weeks now. I decided to end your suspense about the mystery quotes. I'm sure you were just dying to know! I memorized this poem more than 40 years ago. These lines often come to me as we are traveling along at freeway speeds, and I wonder what those flowers were that we just passed . . . .

DebbieLou said...

Wow, that was beautiful! I never heard that before. I especially love the photos you added. That makes me think of Colorado and the Rockies. Boy do I miss themmmm..... :(

Jen said...

Nice. I almost wondered if you had written it (before I got to the end). It sounded like something you would say/write.

Anonymous said...

That is what I was thinking too, Jenny! You must have been Frost's buddy in the preexistance. :) Those were really beautiful pictures!