Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blast from the Past (part 2)

Time Capsule Jan 1, 1984 (West Lafayette, Indiana)

1. Greatest concern (or worry or fear):
Dad: that my children and their children are successful in the Eternities
Mom: the righteousness of my children
Becky: solving “differences”
Jenny: the house burning down
Chris: getting good grades in school
David: when Jesus comes
Missy: that the house will catch on fire
Emily: bears
Dara: Where’s my blanket / bottle / Mom?

2. What I want most:
Dad: the knowledge that I am making a contribution to humanity
Mom: to live up to my potential, to live life to the fullest
Becky: I don’t know
Jenny: everybody having what they need
Chris: a new coat
David: to live with Heavenly Father
Missy: a big stuffed bear
Emily: candy
Dara: to go outside and play

3. What I hope to improve about myself this year:
Dad: I am going to try to live without sin
Mom: to forget myself and think of others
Becky: cutting my hair better, better makeup, be nicer to everyone
Jenny: getting along with people better
Chris: to he helpful around the house and to be nice (since I’m a teenager—heh, heh)
David: be a better student
Missy: that I’ll have more friends
Emily: being good
Dara: get along without my bottle / blanket

4. What makes me happiest:
Dad: quiet peaceful times after moderate successes and achievements
Mom: using my talents and abilities to help others
Becky: music
Jenny: being with friends
Chris: I don’t know
David: funny jokes and when holidays come
Missy: having a lot of things to do
Emily: Missy playing Barbie dolls with me
Dara: lots of attention

5. Favorite person or friend / most admired:
Dad: my wife / most admired: Joseph Smith
Mom: those who have overcome hardships or drawbacks and have become successful (Neal A. Maxwell, Helen Keller, among others)
Becky: Ruth Wi.... [beautiful, white-haired Primary President in our Ward]
Jenny: Elizabeth; Marci Berg....
Chris: Philip—my best friend, he’s nice
David: Chad Prov.....
Missy: Jenny Car..., Becky L...., Jenny Wil...., Stephanie Mis..., and family
Emily: Joel (he’s in my class at school)
Dara: anyone who loves me

6. Favorite memory:
Dad: lying in my bed in the cabin at night listening to the creek
Mom: carefree childhood days on the farm
Becky: my second year at Youth Conference
Jenny: winning the essay and poster contest in fifth grade
Chris: going to the Kirtland, Ohio Encampment
David: when we went to visit Santa in the mountains in California
Missy: a dream about stuffed animals
Emily: Grandma Mead gave me candy
Dara: Santa gave me an orange and a candy cane!

7. Favorite food:
Dad: huevos rancheros
Mom: high calorie gooey or crunchy desserts, also fried foods (chicken, etc.)
Becky: McDonalds or KFC
Jenny: corn, spaghetti, rice, steak
Chris: steak
David: corn, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, casserole, shepherd’s pie, rice, etc. etc.
Missy: shepherd’s pie, pizza
Emily: jello
Dara: candy, gum, popcorn, ice cream, McDonalds

8. Favorite book:
Dad: other than the scriptures, Moby Dick and Tolkien’s works
Mom: ---
Becky: Where the Red Fern Grows
Jenny: Mrs. Pigglewiggle books
Chris: The Bible
David: Garfield Eats His Heart Out
Missy: The Girl with Silver Eyes
Emily: Tigers
Dara: Childcraft

9. Favorite TV show:
Dad: Star Trek
Mom: All My Children
Becky: none
Jenny: Webster
Chris: Automan
David: Automan
Missy: Manimal
Emily: cartoons
Dara: commercials, the Muppet show

10. Favorite movie:
Dad: Lawrence of Arabia
Mom: Chariots of Fire
Becky: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Sound of Music; E.T.
Jenny: Superman
Chris: The Last Unicorn
David: Beast Master
Missy: The Last Unicorn, The Fog
Emily: Dark Crystal
Dara: ---

11. Favorite song:
Dad: anything by Debussy or Rimsky-Korsakov
Mom: currently: “Romance” played on the oboe
Becky: all sorts of songs
Jenny: Michael Jackson songs
Chris: Celento Lindo [Cielito Lindo?]
David: The Spirit of God Like a Fire Is Burning
Missy: ---
Emily: 10 Little Indian Boys
Dara: “Jingle Bells” sung by dogs: “arf-arf-arf”

12. Favorite activity / hobby:
Dad: learning, knowing, understanding; being creative
Mom: learning new things
Becky: art and music
Jenny: collecting things
Chris: mostly Scouts
David: building things
Missy: collecting marbles, Barbie dolls
Emily: playing games
Dara: having fun


Zaphod said...

Everyone on the path to salvation ought to take heart it is a long road for all of us. I am glad that I have had more thanh one year to work on some of these things.

fluedbi: That just about sums up the last 25 years

Anonymous said...

That was awesome! I think it's fun seeing everyone's answers, and how they haven't changed much over the years. :)

Chris said...

What are you talking about Dara, some of those have changed ALOT!!!!

Jen said...

Superman. Yeah. Christopher Reeves was HOT!

Katscratchme said...

What I can't believe is that I actually remember some of the things I mentioned in the lists... weird.