Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Way We Were

Time Capsule: 4 January 1988
(Nearly 21 years ago)

(Dad age 45; Mom age 42; Becky age 20; Jen age 18.5; Chris age 17; Dave age 15; Missy age 13.5; Emily age 9; Dara age 6.5)

1. Biggest fear or worry
Dad: my daughters won’t get married
Mom: Satan will get the upper hand because I forgot to pray
Becky: not being married
Jenny: not having enough money to pay all my “bills” (dying with dirty underwear on HA! HA!)
Chris: that I might not get my eagle before my time is up
Dave: loss of money
Missy: nuclear war or an earthquake or house burning down
Emily: Nickey getting killed
Dara: Melissa keeps on scarying me

2. Greatest/most important desire
Dad: to be found worthy to get back into the Celestial Kingdom
Mom: enough Holy Ghost to keep the miracles coming
Becky: to be married or engaged within the next 18 months
Jenny: spiritually—exaltation; physical—New Car
Chris: to get a date for the senior prom
Dave: join the Navy
Missy: to be a model
Emily: I want to be a pet shop owner
Dara: my friend Jenny

3. What I hope to improve this year
Dad: my writing skills
Mom: lose 10 pounds, hike 15 miles to the sea, Holy Ghost constantly
Becky: to be a full tithe payer
Jenny: 1. not beating up on Dave & Chris 2. controlling spending of money 3. loose 10 lbs
Chris: everything
Dave: be stronger
Missy: self control and loosing 10 pounds and look better
Emily: clean my room more often
Dara: learn to color

4. Favorite friend [note: full names were omitted due to privacy--I thought it unwise to include full names on the internet]
Dad: my wife
Mom: Nancy B....
Becky: Katrina L..., M...
Jenny: Amy N....
Chris: Agent X
Dave: David B....
Missy: Stacy D...
Emily: Kaylynn
Dara: Jenny next door

5. Thing that makes me happiest
Dad: overcoming great difficulties; coming off triumphant
Mom: pleasant helpful children in an orderly house
Becky: a letter from ....
Jenny: Payday & being with Amy & beating on Chris & Dave & Food
Chris: living (I guess)
Dave: food
Missy: having money and clothes
Emily: food
Dara: the family

6. Favorite memory
Dad: laying flat on my back on a wind-swept, grass-covered hill
Mom: hiking my first mountain
Becky: going to the snow with [a friend]
Jenny: I don’t remember
Chris: my dreams
Dave: I lost it
Missy: when we moved from Indiana to here; dreams
Emily: when I got Kris Mutt
Dara: reading story books

7. Favorite food
Dad: flan
Mom: fudge brownies
Becky: turkey breast sandwich
Jenny: anything that tastes good going down (and doesn’t pack on weight) POTATOES & CHIPS & SalSa
Chris: Steak--medium
Dave: all you can eat shrimp
Missy: angel food cake and seafood
Emily: cake and ice cream
Dara: ice cream, banana splits

8. Favorite book
Mom: Robert Frost poetry
Becky: the new RS book “Come Unto Me”
Jenny: haven’t read any good ones lately (Lehr Cats—Kathryn Kurtz)
Chris: The “Myth” Series (Myth adventures, Myth Alliances)
Dave: Lord Foul’s Bane
Missy: Are You There God It’s Me Margratte
Emily: about animals
Dara: The Little Match Girl

9. Favorite TV Shows
Dad: ST New Generation
Mom: NONE!! Yeah!!
Becky: Cosby
Jenny: anything that makes me space out; LOVE CONNECTION & MTV
Chris: Sledge Hammer, Max Headroom
Dave: Sledge Hammer, Moon Lighting
Missy: MTV
Emily: Sledghammer
Dara: cartoons

10. Favorite movie
Dad: Out of Africa
Mom: One Flew Over the CooKoo’s Nest (among others)
Becky: Hiding Out and Made in Heaven
Chris: Back to the Future
Dave: Once Upon a Time in the West, Summer School
Missy: Buckaroo Banzai
Emily: any cartoons
Dara: Robin Hood [Disney]

11. My hero
Dad: [? illegible]
Mom: Jane Fonda because she is 50 years old and looks like 35
Becky: Dad
Chris: Sledge Hammer, Max Headroom
Dave: Thomas Covenant
Missy: Bugs Bunny HaHa, Dad
Emily: Bugs Bunny
Dara: Bugs Bunny

12. Favorite song
Dad: Bright Eyes
Mom: Lord I Would Follow Thee or any Tabernacle Choir song
Becky: Behind the Water Fall
Jenny: Could’ve Been (Tiffany), Hazy Shade of Winter (Gangels)
Chris: Expose & Money for Nothing (Direstrats—video)
Dave: White Snake, Here I go Again
Missy: Mony Mony—Billy Idol—George Richerd
Emily: This is God’s House and any church song
Dara: Really Rosie

13. Favorite teacher
Dad: Jack McKendrick
Mom: Brother Hyde
Becky: none
Jenny: I don’t have any—all my teachers are rejected at Moorpark! (Mrs. Martin last year)
Chris: Mr. Maddox, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Blizen, Mrs. Crandall, Mr. Agular
Dave: Mr. Hairless (hairess)
Missy: Mr. Voris
Emily: Mrs. Elison
Dara: Mrs. Beeler

14. Favorite joke or comic strip
Dad: comic strip Bloom county
Mom: comic strips Rose Is Rose, Garfield, Nancy
Becky: Wide Mouth Frog
Jenny: Garfield, BloomCounty, CHRIS & DAVID
Chris: Sledge Hammer, X-Men, the one with the “brick-plane” & Dick Tracy, Brenda Star, Spider Man, He-Man, Garfield, etc.
Dave: Sledge Hammer, Dick Tracy, Brenda Star, Spiderman
Missy: Brenda Star & Garfield & Rose Is Rose
Emily: My Little Pony
Dara: My Little Pony

15. Favorite hobby
Dad: stamp collecting
Mom: hiking, fitness classes
Becky: stitchery
Jenny: SLEEPING, Watching TV, eating, tacking men to my ceiling
Chris: collect trash—all kinds
Dave: models
Missy: modeling
Emily: collecting stickers
Dara: going to the park

16. Favorite holiday
Dad: Christmas
Mom: Valentine’s Day
Becky: Valentine’s Day
Jenny: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween
Chris: Halloween & Christmas
Dave: Halloween
Missy: Thanksgiving
Emily: Christmas
Dara: Halloween

17. Favorite game
Dad: Skip-bo
Mom: whatever I can win at
Becky: Aquire
Jenny: Skip-bo
Chris: chess, snake byte
Dave: Risk
Missy: Skip-bo & Uno
Emily: Christmas Game
Dara: Christmas Game

18. Favorite activity
Dad: reading
Mom: sleeping, eating
Becky: Bowling
Jenny: Hanging out w/Amy & Teasing the cat, beating on Chris & Dave
Chris: read books, write things
Dave: reading
Missy: going to the mall and buying clothes & wasting time
Emily: playing
Dara: scratching Dad’s back

19. Favorite place
Dad: on the water bed
Mom: any place quiet, peaceful and beautiful
Becky: in the snow in the mountains in a cabin with a fire
Jenny: Amy’s house, Shopping malls
Chris: Earth
Dave: Sear’s Tower
Missy: home or my friends houses. Any where fun
Emily: the Park
Dara: 7-Eleven

20. Most proud of/ most important accomplishment
Dad: my reference books
Mom: growing up
Becky: getting an A in speech; getting a job at G.W. Bank exactly one year tomorrow
Jenny: High School graduate
Chris: School (I guess)
Dave: beating up this geek!
Missy: being the fastest runner in the 7th grade (girls)
Emily: getting “A’s” 3 times in a row
Dara: cleaning my room

Jen added # 21. Favorite Words: Spiffy, Waygay, Special
Missy added #21. Favorite sports: all but Golf! #22. Favorite colors: black—white—blue—red

NOTE: This is the last Time Capsule that I will be posting.


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