Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Third Time Capsule

Time Capsule January 6, 1985 (Simi Valley, California)

1. Biggest fear or worry:
Dad: that my family won’t be the example they should be
Mom: my children
Becky: not having a boyfriend ever
Jenny: getting lung cancer from the Smokers at Royal High School
Chris: I am afraid of my alarm clock going off at a good dream I have
David: robbers
Missy: getting into trouble
Emily: wolfs
Dara: spiders

2. Greatest desire:
Dad: to live with my posterity with Heavenly Father
Mom: to have sufficient for our needs
Becky: to be married in the Temple
Jenny: getting an orange kitty
Chris: to get straight A’s for a scholarship
David: J.N. (Jenny N.)
Missy: Stickers
Emily: Mommy Cat & Baby Kittens
Dara: French fries, ketchup & hamburgers

3. What I hope to improve about myself this year:
Dad: be more patient
Mom: being sweet and kind
Becky: I would like to become kinder and sweeter
Jenny: better in sports
Chris: sports and grades and making friends
David: better grades
Missy: being friendlier
Emily: homework
Dara: learning more rhymes

4. What makes me happiest:
Dad: when my wife is happy, especially about being and talking with me
Mom: when every one in the house is happy
Becky: going out on dates and going to Stake dances
Jenny: kitties
Chris: bringing home good reports and doing good things
David: [first response was Money, crossed out] Dads [?]
Missy: Stickers
Emily: playing Barbies
Dara: frogs

5. Favorite friend:
Dad: Mom
Mom: Vera
Becky: everyone is the same, but I prefer boys to girls
Jenny: Brenda Mo...
Chris: Philip L..
David: Chad Prov.....
Missy: Jennifer Wil....
Emily: Jenny
Dara: Kirna

6. Favorite memory:
Dad: listening to the wind in the pine trees in the mountains
Mom: buying ice cream cones and fritters at the BYU Dairy (when we were first married)
Becky: going on the band field trip to Nashville and going to the New Years Eve Dance
Jenny: when we used to have cats & Toby
Chris: remembering all the things that happened in Indiana
David: being with Chad
Missy: when I was on the train
Emily: Toby
Dara: ---

7. Favorite food:
Dad: Prime Rib
Mom: anything that I haven’t fixed
Becky: fruit, especially bananas and grapes
Chris: Steak, Hamburgers, French fries, pancakes, egg sandwiches, jello, potatoes, fruit, bananas, oranges, apples, lemons
David: Big Mac, Fely Fish, Corder pounder, French fries, icey cock thick shake Sunday and apple pie
Missy: Hamburgers and Ice Cream, fruit
Emily: jello
Dara: French fries & ketchup & hamburgers

8. Favorite book:
Dad: Magician; Book of Mormon
Mom: Robert Frost Poetry
Becky: Where the Red Fern Grows; Weathering Heights; Jane Erye; The Last Unicorn; etc.
Jenny: The Looking Glass Factor; picture books of kitties that I looked at at the bookstore
Chris: Monster Maher [? ]
Missy: Snow Queen
Emily: Pink Panther
Dara: ---

9. Favorite TV show:
Dad: Star Trek, Masterpiece Theater
Mom: Bill Cosby Show
Becky: Happy Days; Laverne & Shirley; Love Boat; Charles Is in Charge
Jenny: Charles Is in Charge; Private Benjamin; Get Smart; DTV
Chris: Disney Channel
David: Inspector Gadget; Get Smart
Missy: Disney Channel and Scooby Doo
Emily: Pink Panther
Dara: Scooby Doo

10. Favorite movie:
Dad: 2010
Mom: Starman; Chariots of Fire
Becky: Red Dawn; Heaven Can Wait; Dune; Chariots of Fire
Jenny: Scary Movies= Carrie; The Shining; Psycho II; Red Dawn; House of Long Shadows
Chris: Starman
David: Indiana Jones, R.O.T.2A.
Missy: Amityville Horror! Carrie! Halloween Two; House of the Long Shadows
Emily: Superman III
Dara: ---

11. Favorite hobby:
Dad: computers, music
Mom: calligraphy; piano; painting plasterware
Becky: art work and music; working on crafts and collecting things
Jenny: anything to do with kitties
Chris: computers, sports, reading, collecting cards, music, models
David: models, TV
Missy: collecting stickers, Barbies
Emily: collecting things--marbles
Dara: yellow blanket-carrying and finger-sucking

12. My Hero:
Dad: Heavenly Father and Jesus
Mom: anyone who brings out the best in me
Becky: Heavenly Father and Jesus
Jenny: ---
Chris: Heavenly Father, Holy Ghost
David: The Greatest American Hero & Inspector Gadget, Heavenly Father
Missy: Madonna, Prince, Purple Rain, Tina Turner, Cyndi Loper; Frico
Emily: Superman
Dara: My Daddy

13. Favorite song:
Dad: Voyages; Pardon Me; Jerusalem
Mom: Rhapsody in Blue; O Divine Redeemer; Break My Stride
Becky: all the songs by Chicago, Air Supply, Lynol Richie, Wham, Chariots of Fire
Jenny: Careless Whispers (Wham); You’re All I Need (Frisco Jones on G. H.); Everybody Run the Home Coming Queen’s Got a Gun (Abraham’s Theme)
Chris: Spirit of God Like a Fire Is Burning
David: Inspector Gadget
Missy: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Emily: Superman
Dara: I Am a Child of God

14. Favorite teacher:
Dad: Jack McKendrick and Ivan J. Barrett
Mom: Mr. MacVey (HS English teacher)
Becky: Mr. Smailes & Mrs. Sullivan; Mrs. Rose; Mrs. Cocrew. Mr. Merkel.
Jenny: Mr. Treece & Mr. Yochem, Mrs. Dougherty
Chris: Mr. Viscus, Mrs. Rehm, Mrs. Bitner
David: the scriptures; Dad
Missy: Mrs. Henck; Mrs. Bitner; Mrs. Chastain; Mrs. Bowerman; Mrs. Witman; Mrs. Kowalas.
Emily: Sister Tholen
Dara: Sister Rogers

15. Favorite waste of time:
Dad: TV; hoping for Purdue to win something
Mom: TV
Becky: laying around & writing letters & Day Dreaming
Jenny: Reading, Playing outside; watching TV
Chris: Sleep, watch TV
David: TV
Missy: Sleep; Day dreaming; TV
Emily: sleep
Dara: 2 fingers & a yellow blanket

16. Favorite holiday:
Dad: Spring Break
Mom: Christmas
Becky: Valentine’s Day & Christmas
Jenny: Christmas; Summer Vac., Spring Vac.
Chris: New Year’s Eve because of the New Year’s Eve Dance
David: all of them except for Labor Day
Missy: Christmas
Emily: Halloween
Dara: Christmas

17. Favorite joke:
Dad: Taco Bell / Pardon My Roy – type (Nacho Cheese)
Mom: ---
Becky: Don’t have one; Practical Jokes on others not on me.
Jenny: Putting toothpaste inside of Oreo Cookies instead of the filling and Bishop Nuttall & Kevin Janeway ate them and thought it tasted good.
Chris: Joshua Hunt......, and about brick laying joke
David: Dad-Mom-Becky-Jenny-Chris-Missy-Emily-Dara and Me The Comedian.
Missy: the Airplane joke
Emily: Knock Knock, Who’s there? Boo. Boo who? Why are you crying?
Dara: ---

18. Favorite game:
Dad: Monopoly; Trivia Pursuit
Mom: Clue; CIA; Trivial Pursuit
Becky: Trivial Persuit; Aquire & Scrabble
Jenny: hand ball; basket ball; volley, soft, tag, jump rope, C&C
Chris: Trivia Pursuit
David: ---
Missy: Mystery Mansion; Clue; Chaos
Emily: The Christmas Game
Dara: ---


Katscratchme said...

My, my... how time flies... and yet. Not much changes.

Jen said...

Favorite joke: Putting toothpaste inside of Oreo Cookies instead of the filling and Bishop Nuttall & Kevin Janeway ate them and thought it tasted good.

That really happened!!! I couldn't believe it! That's just gross... LOL

Davola said...

Um... I don't think they serve "icey cock" at McDonalds. I'm glad I finished school.