Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time Capsule: January 3, 1983

Family Home Evening activity for Monday, January 3, 1983 (nearly 26 years ago). Dad was 40 years old; Mom was 37; Becky was almost 15; Jen was 13.5; Chris was 12; David was 10; Missy was 8; Emily was 4; Dara was 18 months old.

1. Biggest worry:
Dad: not being at the right place at the right time to make the best contribution.
Mom: meeting obligations (financial-matters and the Ward Dinner-Dance)
Becky: that I won’t be righteous enough to live with Heavenly Father
Jenny: the house burning down
Chris: paper route, getting ready for things
David: when its time for the Last Judgment
Missy: my enemies
Emily: [none]
Dara: losing my yellow blanket

2. What I want most:
Dad: materially= to be trouble-free financially; spiritually= contentment (“at one”)
Mom: good kids, nice family, less worries
Becky: Temple Marriage
Jenny: to win the sweepstakes
Chris: lots of things
David: mansion to live in
Missy: to sleep upstairs
Emily: [nothing]
Dara: to be paid attention to

3. What I hope to improve:
Dad: understanding the scriptures better and narrowing the gap between what I know and what I live
Mom: how I handle stress
Becky: impatience
Jenny: control temper
Chris: doing good
David: remember the times-table
Missy: grow taller
Emily: [nothing—just happy to be here]
Dara: grow taller, talk better

4. Things that make me happiest:
Dad: when the family is growing and improving
Mom: being successful
Becky: music
Jenny: when people don’t tease me
Chris: lots of things
David: I forget
Missy: a clean room
Emily: Santa
Dara: my yellow blanket and my two middle fingers on my left hand

5. Favorite people:
Dad: Mom
Mom: good people
Becky: friends—anybody who doesn’t bother me and is cute and intelligent … Kendall
Jenny: friends—Carolyn, Beth Baldwin, family
Chris: Ken, Andrew, Robbie, Joel, whole family
David: Shannon, Roy, Travis
Missy: Misty, Kim, Mom and Dad and brothers and sisters
Emily: Cali
Dara: Mom, Dad, Becky, Jenny, Chris, David, Missy, and Emily

6. Favorite memory:
Dad: the week we got married
Mom: past successes (like the recent classes I taught in RS)
Becky: Roadshow—1st year in Mutual; Tim’s Valentine gift (Garfield)
Jenny: going to Utah
Chris: don’t have one yet
David: [none]
Missy: ABC—Numbers
Emily: birthdays and Christmas
Dara: ? [what’s a memory?]

7. Favorite food:
Dad: round steak and vegetables with garlic
Mom: anything fattening or anything I don’t have to cook
Becky: fruit
Jenny: baked potatoes, spaghetti
Chris: all kinds
David: cheese and crackers
Missy: pizza
Emily: pizza
Dara: milk

8. Favorite book:
Dad: Leaf by Niggle
Mom: Robert Frost’s Poetry
Becky: And Then There Were None
Jenny: Ghosts I Have Been
Chris: Bible, Book of Mormon, funny books, scary books, mysteries
David: [none]
Missy: Bible
Emily: Childcraft—Life Around Us
Dara: ones I can scribble in and tear up

9. Favorite TV show:
Dad: M.A.S.H. or Barney Miller
Mom: All My Children
Becky: The Quest, Bring Em Back Alive, The Gold Monkey
Jenny: Mork and Mindy, Greatest American Hero
Chris: Gold Monkey, Dukes of Hazzard, Greatest American Hero, The Quest
David: Bring Em Back Alive
Missy: Wonder Woman
Emily: Scooby Do
Dara: commercials

10. Favorite movie:
Dad: Last Unicorn; Being There
Mom: Chariot’s of Fire
Becky: Last Unicorn
Jenny: Rocky III
Chris: Last Unicorn
David: E.T.
Missy: Dark Crystal
Emily: E.T.
Dara: life all around me

11. Other favorites:
Dad: reading, learning
Mom: Spring, Minnesota summers, winning at Chess (or other games), laughing at Dad’s jokes (if they are really funny), bird song, spring peepers, teaching (inspiring others)
Becky: drawing, thinking, playing piano, crocheting, knitting, reading
Jenny: wood burning, roller skating, swimming, track (sports), eating
Chris: [none]
David: friends, my Dad
Missy: Stephanie, toys, E.T., Last Unicorn, Jigsaw Puzzle Book, tap dancing, unicorn collections, lots of dresses and nice clothes
Emily: books, books, books
Dara: climbing, running, laughing, being held, animals, toys, dancing

(Which ones should I post??—Are you interested??)

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What an odd sensation! It's like having a reflection in a mirror step outside and shake your hand.

Jen said...

ALL - - Let's see them ALL!

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I'd like to see them all too. :)

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ALL ALL ALL! Didn't you guys just want to wrap up that cute little Emily and stick her in your pocket???
ickeel: the sound I make when I squeeze little Emily

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